General watercolor tip and tricks

Basic Watercolor equipment, don't waste too much money.

Don’t be tempted to subscribe to magazine part works, go and buy a decent book on the area your interested in and follow it to the end. When you work out the cost of a part works magazine you could have bought 5 or so decent books a load of materials and one of my Universal Art/Studio easel boxes (see below) to hold everything in. You will only ever use a small portion of the stuff in a magazine and the focus is too broad, that’s why they have to provide free gifts to entice you to buy. Have three or four really good books on watercolor painting. I use albeit rarely these days but they did point me in the right direction starting out..
Below are the watercolour tutorial books I started with.. and in fact still use now for inspiration as a reminder of how and what when painting watercolours
David Bellamy’s - Watercolour Landscape Course. ISBN 0-00-412647-5
Bryan Thatcher’s - Thatcher’s Way ISBN0 95379 850 X Don Harrison’s - Watercolour Troubleshooter ISBN 0-00-412984-9
Anything else I get from the web or by browsing charity shops.
A word of advice there is a lot of snobbery in art clubs and circles, take no notice of any negative criticism just get on with your painting and enjoy it! Some of the greatest artists (if not all) were told their work was rubbish at some stage.
Do what you do .. become expert at it and most of all Enjoy it..! No one else can do it the way you do...

Most of my watercolour workshop students use this book at some point.

.David Bellamy

Ron Ranson
Really useful, you'll learn a lot from

Richard Taylor "I can't do buildings" you can now..

watercolor easel

My little artboxes.....
They hold a whole load of paints and equipment and great for taking out and about, on vacation etc.
If you would like one just use the Contact Us form, leaving your details . I'll send you a paypal / secure credit card link. with a price conformation.
They're not expensive depending where you live eg. UK £12.50 delivered, USA $50.