Basic Watercolor Equipment

Basic Watercolor equipment, don't waste too much money.

Don't waste a lot of money arming yourself with a lot of equipment you will hardly ever use. The basics listed here I have found is all you will mostly use, and a few you'll find around the house.
From the start you will need to purchase the following:
  • Paper, Paint and Brushes.
  • Masking tape.
  • Gummed sealing tape (called gumstrip in the UK).
  • A plastic Palette.
  • A Cartridge sketch pad (A4 size).
  • A roll of tissue - damping off brushes and mopping up excess moisture.
  • Putty rubber and small sponge (for lifting color out).
  • HB, 2b and 4b Pencils and sharpener.
  • Masking fluid (although I rarely use it).
  • Something to hold water in (I use an assortment of plastic drinks bottles cut to size).
  • Painting Board. A Universal Art box (well I'm bound to say that) but something to hold everything in is useful. You don't really need an easel, but a flat piece of plywood approx 24"x 18". A couple of old books to create an angle of about 30-35 degrees is a must at some stage.

Most of the above items are available to buy at the art shop, some you may have already however, if you have any problems getting any of the above let me know contact and I'll try to help out.

My trusty Watercolour pallette

This basically is my watercolor pallette.. ok. a little dirty but there is a structure to it. From right to left trays reflect how to paint a watercolour i.e. light to dark. The first one I clean before starting to paint and is always for yellow, raw sienna etc. Next for mixing my Blues, Next (3rd one) for Shadow tones blue violet/crimson rose madder. The final tray is for the darks e.g burnt umber/blue/crimson
The space down the center I place clean tubes such as burnt sienna (sand and to warm a painting up), naples yellow. As the pans of colour run out I just buy a small tube and top them up.


I designed these art boxes and still have quite a few left. Their made out of correx plastic, practical, light and robust

I have posted these out all over the World, and to fellow artists here in the UK.

They hold a whole load of paints and equipment and great for taking out and about, on vacation etc.
If you would like one just use the Contact Us form, leaving your details . I'll send you a paypal / secure credit card link. with a price conformation.
They're not expensive depending where you live eg. UK £12.50 delivered, USA $50.