Art Tutorial Workshop in the Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole area.

So, you have invested in a whole load of art equipment, or if you're lucky; someone has gifted you a suite of art, paints, brushes paper etc.
You always said you would like to draw and paint !
How do I get started??? what do I do with all this equipment???
It can all be quite intimidating, trust me I know.. I too had loads of other things going on, work pressures, family and so on. I’m always buying discarded art tools, books etc. at boot sales and charity shops, from people who have given up before even starting.

Well here’s your chance.. to put that all.. right ! and learn to create a unique piece of special artwork for yourself, your friends and family. 

Whether you just want to convert those holiday snaps into a watercolour, pastel, acrylic or oil painting or something a little bit more, for example.. use your computer and printer to produce greeting and special occasion cards . So how do you go about it???

You could read countless books or attend a night school course lasting several weeks? Even join an art club! (a good idea).

However, why not consider private tuition tailored especially for you? By the time you have bought all those books and subscribed to the night school, you will be surprised at how cost effective it is to actually opt for private tuition instead.

As a result of several recent requests and many years of experience, I now provide tuition, including techniques, tips and advice on an individual or small group basis.

If you are a beginner, I will start from scratch with the fundamentals in the media of your choosing and familiarise you with your equipment and to use it and what it can do for you. Tuition is not limited to the technical aspects of your chosen art media as I will also show you how to go on to develop your visual skills and transform them into creditable art you should be proud of. E.g. a tree or sky will never look quite the same again ! This, without doubt which is the most important skill you need if you want to improve your painting.

What is unique to my sessions is that while they are tailored to meet your needs they remain flexible, diverse and open and FUN, although. Prior to embarking on any session I will discuss what you hope to learn, what you like to paint, and design a session that will be suitable in terms of what you will learn and also what will interest you.
If you prefer learning at your own pace and want to cover the subjects that most interest you this might be just what you’re looking for!

For beginners I suggest we start with a minimum of two hours during which we will cover;

* Basic equipment, and using it.
* A little on composition , breaking the subject down to what’s in you’re minds eye.
* Converting the intimidating paper /canvas (e.g. learn to paint Sky’s)
* Painting the subject.. (the fun bit, you really paid for)

i.e. Cover the essential theory/technical stuff you need to start taking control of your painting. Then put it into practice, give you the chance to experiment. Rest assured, there will be no pressure. You will find that all sessions are informal and relaxed, taking things at a pace you are comfortable with.

As I say the sessions are totally flexible - you can choose the number of hours that suit you. .

We will review your painting towards the end of session, if it isn’t quite what you wanted I’ll have a go and fix it and finish it off for you..

On completion of your first art session you are very welcome to contact me for further advice and artistic mentoring. You may decide on a follow up workshop session where I can sensitively evaluate your work and perhaps move forward to the next level.

Whatever level you are, feel free to contact me (without obligation) for an initial chat.

Price - usually £45 includes venue hire tea coffee etc. I always bring spare paper equipment if you not yet purchased your own..  for a morning/afternoon session.

Art Workshop every Tuesday morning Parkstone, Poole £5.00  all welcome small friendly group
email for details

P.S. if you have computer, internet, email, or printer issues etc... I am an “Expert” (BSc Hons) in Information Technology.. quite a few sessions turn into a “fix my computer” workshop.  Not a problem. Just contact David to discuss your options.