Gallery of Current Work for Sale 

Browse through this Gallery of Current Original Paintings for sale - created during the Zoom Watercolour Tuesday workshops by David.

These pieces are not supposed to be mighty works of art ready to make millions at Christies, just an inspirational demo/guide created in an hour or so during the Tuesday morning Art Club.. 
I/we started during 2019, Covid crises cancelled the Physical weekly meets - nearly 3 years on everyone prefers the zoom format - puts a little extra pressure on me preparing ref. images/subject matter/ticketing/website/attendees gallery etc. - post meeting creating video's uploading to youtube etc. but attendees quality of work is amazing .
I'm often saying "I make the mistakes "live" so they don't need too", as I deliberately work from scratch as attendees will, no real prior preparation, a bit like the feel you get when performing a music on stage live - you know you have the base structure sorted but, something always happens during preforming the song that you have to deal with but is additive and positive part of "you" and your Style. Well mine for sure ❤ 

Commission a David Harvey Painting.

If you'd like to discuss a special artwork based on any Gallery image - or something you have in your minds eye -  please don't hesitate to get in touch contact.