Original Paintings for Sale

 Gallery display of all the current Original Artworks for sale. 

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Parkstone Art Group

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Orders and Commissions

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Prices and sizes vary to suit - from £55 for a 7.5 X 11  inches to a large full sheet 22 X 30 inches Christchurch Priory up to £450 as a guide to prices:

Range Unmounted Size Guide Price Guide
Octavio  7.5 X 11 inches  £55 - £75
Quarto 11 X 15 inches £75- £125
Half Sheet 15 X 22 inches £125 - 250
Full Sheet 22 X 30 inches £250 - 450

check out the Gallery Pages below for Exhibition example Paintings view..
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Retrospective Gallery's

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Mudeford Quay
Beach Huts
Poole & Corfe