Harveys Art .. the art gallery of artist  David Harvey.

David is a local to the Christchurch area, and has for many years, lived in and around Christchurch, Dorset, UK. although originally from Somerset.

He has always had a passion for painting and drawing although went through no formal training, trained as a printer as his career when leaving school - as such went to severel art colleges for City and Guilds training so was in contact with arty things. his artistic interest continued during the years while as a printer and later on as a retrained business information technologist - before persuing art and creatives.

Alongside his passion for painting and interest in the local Christchurch Sea, Harbour and Countryside, david enjoys designing websites and messing around with computers, a legacy from his BSc graduate re-training in business Ino Technology.

Originally inspired and encoraged by other local artists Alan and John Hayden, Christopher Hollick his work reflects this, containing many paintings of Mudeford Quay, Christchurch Harbour and the surrounding landscape.

Although the subject matter did and still does overlap the execution is totally different, David likes to say traditional paintings with a contemporaty twist.

David also produces contemporary works that he terms "Beachcombers".. many examples are located in that section in the gallery menu..

David exhibits his work mostly just here online these days, although occasionly a small corner of Hayloft Gallery is afforded to him ne fellow artist Alan. During the summer months his work can be viewed at the Open Air, 'Art in the Park' exhibition held in Bournemouth Lower Pleasure Gardens. this 50-year-old, Council sponsored event. It is also attended by many other artists, and is open to the public daily from May until September.

Original work is always available for purchase, as are a selection of prints, reproductions and greetings cards. However, the current stock varies considerably.
For more information, please use either the contact link or come along to view one of David exhibitions, which will listed in events.

My trusty Watercolour pallette

When I was a "kid" a young Secondary School lad, the only subject I got a grade one in was art. During those day's you had an interview with the "careers"officer" who sent you off for a job interview. Anyhow I ended up as an apprentice printer, Arty I suppose..! 7 years later I went off to Watford College, the plan was to come back better qualified than the people I currently worked with. But the narrow road back to arty stuff didn't materialise till the year 2000 ish. Melanie (my beautiful wife) became disabled, so the post graduate Hons. Degree as a mature student in Business Information Technology went by the wayside.
Not being the type of person to sit around and wait/do nothing I went off and started to do an MSc in Software Engineering, but after 6 months or so, contracted pneumonia.. months of recuperation led me to try to draw/paint again... the dice was cast.. and .. well what you see is the result.

traditional art with a contemporary art twist